Sawyer's new chitenge baby blankets!
In researching fabrics for new chitenge bag designs, Sawyer came across a few patterns she wanted to take in a new direction - baby blankets!
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"Buy a book, save a life. It's an offer you can't refuse!"
- Sawyer Anderson, age 10
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Sawyer Anderson

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After learning about the tragedy many families are facing in simply obtaining water, twelve-year-old Sawyer wanted to help. Shocked, she thought “this isn’t fair, every kid should have water.” Compelled to find a way to make a difference from her cozy, modern home in West Fargo, ND, she set out to raise $50.00 selling her grandma’s cookies at a garage sale. What followed was an inspiring story of hope and the innocence of a child who believed she could change one small part of the world.  Sawyer created a children’s book called “Water Works” to illustrate the challenges African villagers face in procuring clean water and to raise more money for additional wells.

Buy a book, save a life.

It's an offer you can't refuse.

-Sawyer Anderson

Water Works

For each Water Works book sold, Wellspring for the World will donate at least $8.33 to World Vision to provide clean and safe water to families in Zambia.  World Vision then triples that total.

Sawyer hopes that the story in her book inspires you to volunteer or support World Vision and Wellspring for the World to bring clean, safe water to more people in parts of our world who lack that basic necessity. 

Cookies, Chitenge Bags, and now Water Works

After learning about children and families in the poverty stricken villages of Zambia, in south-central Africa, Sawyer wanted to bring safe water to one person! Through the sales of cookies and soda at grandma's garage sale and chitenge bags, Sawyer raised more than $26,000. More than 400 of the chitenge bags designed by Sawyer have been skillfully sewn by gracious volunteers from Hope Lutheran Church. Now, Sawyer has taken chitenge bags to another level.

Through the sales of Water Works, the children's book she wrote and illustrated, Sawyer has multiplied that impact.

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What are Chitenge Bags?

Made from scraps of African wax fabric, every chitenge bag is a unique combination of many vibrant patterns. In Sawyer's early designs, the bottom half of each chitenge bag tends to draw supporters to a specific bag. After some custom designs, Sawyer decided to experiment and bring her love of theatre to her designs. And, voila! Some of her new designs include patterns inspired by Hamilton, Beetlejuice and Les Miserables.

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Images of those in need of water who are benefiting from your support.

All proceeds go to Wellspring for the World and World Vision to bring clean water to those without.​

Also available at Zandbroz, Melberg's, SheyWest, Amazon, via email ( and on this site. Buy a book, save a life!