Water is life.

Imagine a day without clean, safe water.

For more than 6.3 million people in Zambia alone, that is every day! And, as hard as it is to grasp, more than 780 million people in the world do not have access to safe, clean water!

Water IS life. Water can't fix everything, but without it you can't fix anything! (Chris Pope, World Vision)

Very early in her journey, Sawyer embraced one important number: $50.00. Why? Her dad told her that he learned $50.00 is the amount necessary to bring fresh, clean, safe water to ONE person FOR LIFE! Globally, efforts to address this basic need are referred to as WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene).

Water Works is based on the actual journey of an 8 (and eventually 9) year-old American girl to bring water to Africa. Sawyer's dad, Mark, traveled to Zambia with a group from Hope Lutheran Church, Wellspring for the World, and World Vision in August 2017. Amazing and beautiful images from his trip taken by World Vision photographer Chris Huber provide the background design to the story complemented by Sawyer's original illustrations.

You are a Water Warrior! Each book saves a life. Through Wellspring for the World (and her dad since Sawyer is a minor), she entered into a 'Co-venture cause' Agreements with Wellspring and with World Vision that leverage the impact of each purchase considerably.

That $50.00 figure fuels the leverage and impact of Water Works. Truly #1Book1Life.
No safe water. That is every day for three quarters of a billion people. For others of us? We meet a friend at a coffee shop, each has a latte and the total is about $8.33 - the amount that will save a precious human life!

This co-venture cause agreement with Wellspring for the World and World Vision marks the very first of its kind on multiple levels; the product is a book, ALL proceeds from sales of Water Works go to water, AND the catalyst is a minor. Nobody anticipated a child would/could attack this issue. It's difficult not to become passionate about the issue and Water Works. The pieces are in place for you to help make a major difference in many lives. In addition to initially funding ten wells through the sales of cookies and chitenge bags with TREMENDOUS support, Sawyer wrote and illustrated Water Works, secured sponsors to underwrite printing costs, and entered into the first of its kind co-venture agreement that helps turn one book into the greatest ROI (return on investment) possible - a life. The impact continues to grow and through the sales of Water Works, Sawyer has now helped fund 63 wells. Partnerships have formed with Churches United for the Homeless, Down Home and the United Way Backpack Program, and many more to provide copies (huge thanks to sponsors who bought and continue to buy multiple books to pay life forward.) And, more coming!

Water Works Partnerships